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A user can get around the 255 character signature limit.
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Author: tcrow777

A user can get around the 255 character signature limit by creating a user subpage just for their signature (example: User MediaWiki/sig) and then type in their user preferences something like: {{subst:User MediaWiki/sig}}. There are legitimate uses for this type of transclusion, but there are also illegitimate uses.

I propose that the MediaWiki software automatically count the amount of characters in the signature and truncate the length of the resulting code to 255 characters.

I found this bug in Wikipedia (version: 1.11alpha (r24275)).

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor



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cannon.danielc wrote:

Yeah, I think that was pointed out when it was first introduced. In the same way, a user could simply add {{subst:User:Me/sig}} on his own -- no need for the ~~~~ bit. The limit's not there to be inescapable, nor should it really be something we invest effort into ensuring IMO.

tcrow777 wrote:

Typing {{subst:Me/sig}} would not produce the timesnap, it would have to be: {{subst:Me/sig}} ~~~~~. ;)

A bit experienced user doesn't even need subpage in his user space, he can have eg. button on edit toolbar to insert entire signature code.

Lowering down the priority and severity, inclining to WONTFIX since it wouldn't bring the necessary effect.

tcrow777 wrote:

This is not priority, I suggest changing the status of the bug to LATER.

robchur wrote:

Minor bug - yes, it is technically a bug, since the limit is advertised as a "limit" - but certainly not a high priority, and probably not something we want to waste time fixing, since it's been rightly pointed out by others that users can, unbelievably in this day and age, put anything they want on a page.

cannon.danielc wrote:

Changing to LATER .. don't think this is a matter of urgency or priority that we want to address right now.

tcrow777 wrote:

Changed "Product" detail from "MediaWiki" to "Wikimedia".

  • Bug 38974 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

(In reply to comment #6)

Changing to LATER .. don't think this is a matter of urgency or priority that
we want to address right now.

REOPENING, "not urgent" isn't a reason to close a bug. LATER should be reserved for "things we can't do right now because of [some other thing]"

Re-closing as LATER:

As long as the signature is not stored as a metadata somewhere else than on page, this is invalid request because of principles of editing of wiki page - I don't have to use ~~~~ for signature, I can always manually sign with whatever text I want, even different way anytime I edit. Tildas signature is not any metadata at the moment, but just a shortcut which is not mandatory to be used.

If it's technically invalid, close it as INVALID. :)
Reopening to get rid of deprecated LATER resolution.

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Since @Aklapper reopened this in 2012, nothing real has happened to this task. The reopening was to get someone to close it as invalid instead, so I'll do that. 2 ½ years later :)