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Request for mediawiki:Cite section preview references format change
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Hello. I saw now the new mediawiki:Cite section preview references message. It's very good thought to create it, but it looks exactly as page topic, and it's extremally confusing. I changed the code, using span, or '' italic, but it does not work, because the message is not wiki code parsed. Could you pleace make the text colored green, so the user will see it's not a regular topic? Thank you.

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Already possible, you can use MediaWiki:Common.css to apply styling to the class of this particular header.

Thank's for the tip, @TheDJ, but .mw-ext-cite-cite_section_preview_references css style is not exclusive for this mediawiki message. For example, it's inherited to the first reference (???).

IKhitron set Security to None.

ehm. that would seem more likely to be because Tidy is screwing with the generated output. Ah, this is because span was used instead of div... I warned about this....

Pinging @Cenarium because this was not the intent.

Change 270596 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cenarium):
Use div for references in section preview

Indeed I had noticed this, see comments in

The patch from a few days ago addresses this issue.

Change 270596 merged by jenkins-bot:
Use div for references in section preview

Should be really fixed now.

If you mean now as NOW, @matmarex, it is not yet.

Right, no, I mean whenever it's deployed. Which will probably be next week (see, but it might turn out differently because the current version's deployment is delayed.

Still does not work, @matmarex and @TheDJ, two versions later.

We're still on wmf.14 :( ( 1.27.0-wmf.15 should actually happen this week.

Thursday has barely started in the US :) The deployment which should bring this change to Wikipedias should begin in a few minutes:

No difference, @matmarex. Why are you asking? There wasn't any new release from Wednesday.

matmarex removed a project: Patch-For-Review.

There was, on Thursday, as usual. The following works for me now on the English Wikipedia:

#mw-ext-cite-cite_section_preview_references_header { color: green; }

I checked now that our css code, is exactly as yours. And opened a preview now.

This is what I see, @matmarex
And our wiki has updates every Wednesday, a day before yours.

I know what is the problem, if so. Thank you very much. Fixed now for us.