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Detect if l10n_cache-<language code>.cdb is writable
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T127127 and T124027 both show the LocalisationCache code tries several instructions after the first failure in a write operation.

We should detect if the file is writeable, and throw directly an exception if not instead to let PHP call several filesystem functions.

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I propose to close this task.

It was a subtask of T127127 in which, in 1.27.0 and 1.27.1, /tmp (or equivalent) was used as directory for CDB localisation files leading to conflicts on shared hosts. This default /tmp was reverted as insecure in T161453 (MW 1.27.2 or greater).

It is still possible to trigger this issue, but I would say it is intentionally because:

  • either you set $wgCacheDirectory to "/tmp" (a directory with +t Unix permission with multiple Unix users writing in it). I documented against it in$wgCacheDirectory,
  • either you set $wgLocalisationCacheConf['store'] to "files" or "array" without setting $wgCacheDirectory or $wgLocalisationCacheConf['storeDirectory']; in this case it tries to write files on the root directly / because the directory is is evaluated as an empty string.

The first case is now documented against, and the second is advanced configuration and I guess people would read documentation before changing this parameter. In any case there is an explicit exception saying it cannot be written.

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