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CompletionSuggester Beta Feature broken on Hebrew Wikipedia
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The completion suggester beta feature on the Hebrew Wikipedia returns zero suggestions when enabled.

First reported by User:קיפודנח


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in
  3. Enable the beta feature
    1. For non hebrew-reading folks:מיוחד:העדפות#mw-prefsection-betafeatures is the link to the beta features preference pane.
    2. The completion suggester is the first checkbox.
  4. Search for something.
    1. My example is the phrase "Breaking Bad" or "שובר שורות"
  5. Nothing is suggested.

Disabling the beta feature and searching shows suggestions.

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Not quite "Unbreak now!" because this is a beta feature, but it is still very high priority for us to fix.

Users were asked to disable the feature. If it isn't fixed in the near future I would suggest to disable the beta feature so users will not get bad impression.

The index was not created properly, I will investigate. This is maybe due to the rolling restart last week. I created T127182 to make this process more robust.
I've updated it manually so it should work properly now.
I will double check other indices tomorrow.

Thanks @dcausse!

@CKoerner_WMF Perhaps you could reach out to the Hebrew users informing them that we fixed the issue and that it was a temporary one which should never occur in a full release? I'm sure one of our Hebrew speakers (e.g. @Amire80, @Mooeypoo. @Smalyshev, etc.) would be willing to assist with a one-off English to Hebrew translation, if that would be helpful.

@eranroz Thanks! Works for me too with beta enabled now.

may be a good idea to fallback on "old" suggestions if CompletionSuggester returns empty list, regardless of the reason (software bug, broken index, some server is down, whatever), at least as long as the "old" suggestions still available..