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Review RTL issues with Education dashboard
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On a program's Overview page, opening the Review article button opens the modal off the left side of the screen, rather than to the right. See pics.

In RTL, there's a clickable box near the top left. When you click on it, a menu pops up: Username, MS Chars Added, US Chars Added. I'm not sure where it comes from.

There are several parentheses failures:

When you work on this stuff -- Moriel in the Collaboration team is our RTL rock star. Definitely ping her if you've got questions.

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@Ragesoss Do you have any tips for getting started on fixing this? Almost all popovers are misplaced in RTL.

@Niharika: I don't have much in the way of tips. @awight set up the RTL initially, but we never did anything special besides use a tool to generate flipped stylesheets as part of the i18n framework. So in this case, I'm guessing that we're doing something with the css for positioning the popovers that doesn't play nicely with the stylesheet flipper. Ideally, we could find an alternative way to style the popovers that leaves the LTR rendering as it is now, but works correctly with RTL. But my brief look at the styles for the popovers didn't enlighten me very much on how to fix it.

Typically RTL flipping systems work by looking for things like margin-right and changing them to margin-left or they look for special commands embedded in CSS comments. Maybe @awight can give us some guidance on how this one works.

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This PR would solve some parts. I think you see how that can be applied to other problems:

It looks like neither @noflip nor @replace will work directly to fix the modals from the first screenshot. It looks like this is because the css compiler turns one transform instruction into a pair of them — -webit-transform and transform — and the css-flipper annotation only applies to the first one.

Just a quick note:
Here's the problem:

By changing the "right" in them to "left" all issues gets solved:

css-flip says by adding noflip you can prevent this change. If this note in css-flip doesn't work that's really strange.

I think the problem is that our build process first takes the .styl file and turns it into css, and then applies css-flipper.

The output of the first step can turn one css statement into two, but the css-flipper annotation only appears for the first one. So the end result is something like this:

/*@replace: translateX(0) translateY(0) scale(.7, .7)*/

-webkit-transform: translateX(0) translateY(0) scale(.7, .7);
transform: translateX(-50%) translateY(-30px) scale(0.7, 0.7);

I'll report this upstream to stylus, but we may need to find a workaround.

Re: stylus, they suggest looking elsewhere in our css compilation pipeline:

Looks like we can work around it by turning autoprefixer off and then explicitly doing both transform and -webkit-transform. Something like this for .pop, although the values aren't right yet:


/* autoprefixer: off */
/*@replace: translateX(0) translateY(0) scale(.7, .7)*/ transform translateX(-50%) translateY(-30px) scale(.7, .7)
/*@replace: translateX(0) translateY(0) scale(.7, .7)*/ -webkit-transform translateX(-50%) translateY(-30px) scale(.7, .7)
/* autoprefixer: on */
transition all .2s
z-index 10
  opacity 1
  pointer-events all
  /* autoprefixer: off */
  /*@replace: translateX(0) translateY(0) scale(1, 1)*/ transform translateX(-50%) translateY(0) scale(1, 1)
  /*@replace: translateX(0) translateY(0) scale(1, 1)*/ -webkit-transform translateX(-50%) translateY(0) scale(1, 1)
  /* autoprefixer: on */


Got it!

That takes care of the first two screenshots.

The menu should be fixable with one of the same techniques.

The parentheses issue only appears because those messages are not yet translated and the English fallbacks are being used. Should be fine once translated.

The remaining issue with the menu is not a positioning problem; it's that all the icons are not appearing in RTL. That's because the RTL stylesheet is not in the same directory as the default one, so relative links to images in the RTL stylesheet are broken.

Got it, and deployed to P&E Dashboard! That's all the known RTL problems, I think.

Thanks for showing the way, @Ladsgroup!

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Please reopen if there are additional RTL issues that turn up.