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mysqlbinlog doesn't recognize the ssl-* options in [client]
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Our MariaDB configuration includes ssl-* options in the [client] group that are not recognized by myseldump that will fail.

A workaround is to use the loose-ssl-* options so that only a warning is printed but the program doesn't exit.

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Yeah, I have used --defaults-config=/etc/.my.cnf or --no-defaults to workaround that. Let's move it to [mysql] and all compatible clients there, but we want both mysqldump and mysql using ssl- there is some pending work on T111654, still, as it is not fully tuned (e.g. not enforced preciselly for this pending issues- mysql client-only machines need also configuration, and we need to redo the cert model.

You can work on this ticket if you want, it is a 4-line change.

I've filed . Depending on the response, we will fix it with puppet or with a package patch.

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This got fixed upstream.

root@db1089:~# mysqlbinlog --help | grep ssl
  --ssl               Enable SSL for connection (automatically enabled with
  --ssl-ca=name       CA file in PEM format (check OpenSSL docs, implies
  --ssl-capath=name   CA directory (check OpenSSL docs, implies --ssl).
  --ssl-cert=name     X509 cert in PEM format (implies --ssl).
  --ssl-cipher=name   SSL cipher to use (implies --ssl).
  --ssl-key=name      X509 key in PEM format (implies --ssl).
  --ssl-crl=name      Certificate revocation list (implies --ssl).
  --ssl-crlpath=name  Certificate revocation list path (implies --ssl).

There is no need to use --defaults-config=/etc/.my.cnf or --no-defaults since 10.0.27.

What about 10.1, do you know when it was fixed there?

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In any case, it is fixed on the latest versions:

root@neodymium:~$ /opt/wmf-mariadb101-client/bin/mysqlbinlog --help | grep ssl
  --ssl               Enable SSL for connection (automatically enabled with