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TPG Strategy test meetings with customers
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  • Meeting 1: Vertical directors
  • Meeting 2: key customers on teams currently served
  • Meeting 3: execs

Event Timeline

Feedback from stakeholders in Meeting 2:

Stakeholder 1:

  • Spotify has scrum gurus spending time with the team, kind of like kristen/max have been. Coupled to the team, but resources were limited and we only had so many “TPGers”.
  • Most teams did not have dedicated coaches. The coaches we used to work with daily got moved to other teams to spread the wealth.
  • Coaches became consultants. Teams could ask them to embed with them, observe process, sort of like kristen/max have.
  • We could quantify our success by taking team temperatures before and after engagements.
  • Believes management should be focused on swarming strategic pillars, rather than TPG.

Stakeholder 2:

  • What is TPG’s role? Seems unclear with Status Quo.
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Meeting 2 on Feb 24
Meeting 3 on March 1