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Other Projects panel needs additional functionality
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Links to Other Projects are taken from Wikidata and shown in the left panel. In Wikivoyage, this duplicates the Related Sites field, which is displayed in the left panel too. Example:

Related Sites are created using old-style interwikis like:

[[Wikipedia:Territorial Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore]]
[[Commons:Category:Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore]]

sitting somewhere in the text of the page. We would like to unify these two mechanisms, Related Sites and Other Projects, and switch to the Other Projects panel, but first we need functionality to override or at least augment the links produced by Wikidata. For example, here at English Wikipedia does not have an article for the city of Chiusure. Therefore, the Other Projects panel is not displayed on that page. Nevertheless, it perfectly makes sense to add a link to another article on English Wikipedia, and we do this using old-style interwiki links that are shown in the Related Sites panel.

So the question is: how can one use standard interwiki commands for adding links to the Other Projects panel?

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Doesn't the Related Sites box also show DMOZ links? What should be the solutiom for those? I think they can't be handled by the current concept behind the Other Projects box.

This likely requires a separate discussion. Anyway, DMOZ links are specific to English Wikivoyage, while custom links to Wikipedia will be useful for all language versions of Wikivoyage.

In this case the final result could probably be javascript hacked. This could also be an option for introducing local interwiki links to Other Projects. Not the ideal solution though.

Nemo_bis subscribed.

I'm sorry but this request is too generic to be acted upon. Please have a local discussion and then come to Phabricator with a clear goal (like "we really like DMOZ links and want them listed in the other projects sidebar section").

Currently, there is no indication that the community still has an interest in the DMOZ wasteland.