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Cross-wiki bundles should appear after local unread notifications in the panel
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Cross-wiki notifications represent a bucket for "more notifications from other wikis". So even if there are recent ones there we want to keep the unread notifications from the current wiki on top. This will allow users to avoid getting distracted but what is going on on other more active wikis if they chose to focus on a specific wiki first.

As shown in the screenshot below, this is not happening. The cross-wiki bundle is expected to appear below the other unread notification.

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Change 273518 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mooeypoo):
Reorder x-wiki bundles to be after local notifications

Change 273518 merged by jenkins-bot:
Reorder x-wiki bundles to be after local notifications

Checked in betalabs.

According to the specs, the screenshot shows that a local wiki unread notification with much older timestamp (19 hours ago) is placed above a unread notification from Chinese Wikipedia with a timestamp of merely "4 minutes ago".

A question to @jmatazzoni (and maybe @ Pginer-WMF): We still do not want to have 'Mark all as read' when there are only foreign wiki notifications are present? Seems a little bit inconsistent since we do allow to 'Mark all as read' in bundles.
In the screenshot above, I can click on 'Mark as read' - and all notifications(from a local wiki and Chinese wiki) will be marked as read.
In the screenshot below, I do not have that option.

Marking this ticket as Resolved. @Pginer-WMF, Elena is suggesting a change here. Moriel would support the idea of a Mark all as Read X for the X-wiki bundle only. I.e., on the bundle notification. What do you think of that enhancement (for the future, perhaps)?

I'm in support for the cross-wiki bundle to include an "X" action that marks as read its contents. Earlier we were worried about some inconsistencies that can be produced when users have a high number of notifications on several wikis, but the data we later compiled suggest that those cases may be even smaller that what we anticipated.

I created a new ticket for it: T128562: Allow marking whole cross-wiki bundles as read

Re-checked the current behavior - clicking on 'Mark all as read', indeed, marks all notifications are read in all wikis.