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Show descriptions as tooltips for actions outside the "..." menu on notifications
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Actions have a "description" information that clarifies what they do. When actions are displayed inside the "more" ("...") menu, there is room to display such clarifications in plain text (T126738). However for secondary actions displayed directly on the notification these descriptions can be displayed as tooltips.

In some cases the tooltip is used to display the full name of the action because it is truncated. In such cases, displaying the full action title in the tooltip is still preferred.

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Mooeypoo added a subscriber: jmatazzoni.

This is obviously technically doable, but we ran into questions about what to do in general with descriptions of secondary actions. I'm putting it back in Design/Product after speaking to @jmatazzoni for a decision.

I've shown this as blocked by T126738. And, like that task, I'm moving this to the Backlog until we add functionality to the menus, like Mute, that is more advanced and requires explanation.

Per T126738#2120398, we don't need those action descriptions.