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Start sending TWA invites again through HostBot
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@Capt_Swing how's this task going? :) anything we can do to help?

Thanks @Samtar. I'm currently blocked by an issue with running invites on cron. I upgraded HostBot to use the requests_oauthlib module for authentication, but now invites won't run on the grid. Issue seems to be that the version of Python2.7 I'm using doesn't play nicely with that module when I run it with JSUB. I haven't had time to fully debug, so I'm running Teahouse invites manually for now. I hope to have more time to work on the underlying issues, and complete the refactor, within the next couple weeks. Then it should be trivially easy to set up the TWA invites again.

I'm not sure how to collaborate on HostBot dev, given the state of the code and documentation (one goal of the refactor is to make it easier for others to work with the code). But if you'd like to help, perhaps we can chat on IRC (I'm J-Mo in the wikimedia-research chan). Cheers, J

Update: authentication issues resolved. I'll try to get TWA invites started again in the next few days.