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Gerrit search by user name displays error message
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When you go to the the search box in Gerrit (top right) with Firefox, enter "status:merged owner:aklapp" and hit RET twice, the result page,n,z is correctly displayed, but with an overlay error message of:

Code Review - Error
User Aklapper not found

Clicking on [Continue] will enable you to use the result page as normal.

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Please provide browser information. I've seen this with Firefox, I've never seen this with Chromium.

greg triaged this task as Low priority.Apr 1 2016, 9:37 AM
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I get this as well in Iceweasel 44.0.2

I don't get that error message on gerrit-new. Good deal.

It seems in ios, it works with the old gerrit and new gerrit. On internet explorer it gets the same error as you but new gerrit works without any errors. :).

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Think this is fixed? I don't use Firefox :) Please reopen if this isn't the case.