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Upgrade to the same version like the production one, so new features can be tested there.

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Can't log in to that instance, even as root.

Last time we had this, the drive was full. Is this still the problem?

I guess we'll have to ask a root to try to get in using salt.

Negative24 triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 3 2016, 12:56 AM

It would be seriously very handy to have actual version somewhere to test its features before using them here to prevent cluttering and possible issues...

Just wondering, why do we have 4 phab installs on


phab-01 can now be logged into.

Ive upgrade phab-01 to latest phabricator and 14.04 lts version.

Not sure if this can be closed as resolved or if this is a recurring thing.

I think T139475 is important. Instances that are all setup manually have limited usefulness for testing any production change.

Actually that puppet role is not really working, so we need to change that first.

Exactly, that is the entire point of that ticket, have a working puppet role.

The main phabricator prod role works now :)

Is it applied on phab-01? Is phab-01 still used and active?

Oh nope not applied to phab-01 yet.

Hmm this task seems to be very inactive. This comment is just to let all the subscribers know that this task may need updating.

being bold and closing. The context of this is probably long gone.

Upgrade to the same version like the production one, so new features can be tested there.

Actually i don't think this issue has been resolved. Unless phab-01 (or another) labs instance exists nowadays that uses the same role as prod and can be used for testing.

I will rename the domain to phab and redirect hopefully phab-01 to it.

so -> backend is phabricator

Talked to paladox. Situation was:

  • instance named phab-01 isn't used anymore (a project admin can delete it please, labs admins would be happy)
  • URL pointed to instance called "phabricator" (newer than phab-01)
  • suggested the URL should not contain hostnames/numbers. change it to just "phab" (phabricator can't be used since it's the project name too), so URL never changes while hostnames change

so yea, cool like that. should be used, instance name "phabricator" should be used. it uses the prod role, and phab-01 should be deleted and then this is indeed resolved

Just one thing to do maybe: Update all wiki references to "https://phab-01"

The old phab instance is now gone.

thanks @Luke081515 !

It turns out we actually still don't have any instance that is using the prod role and can also be used for testing. The instance that does use the prod role redirects to prod, because the phabricator module has hardcoded "" values in templates. So this probably never worked before.

Additional work is needed to make modules/phabricator/templates/ flexible if we want to be able to actually test prod changes in labs/beta.

This is T139475 and T144112 and T131899 . Somehow they are all closed yet none of them are really resolved.

The role works, see . Puppet passes locally too.

Also is now