Task edit form unneededly displays locked "Security" dropdown field
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The edit form shows a locked "Security" field. This is not useful. If a task is sensitive, you can see it without pressing "edit task", so we should hide this field, display it locked does not bring us advantages, it only makes the form bigger, which is not useful for small screens.

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Normaly nobody should edit the visibility/edit policy (except a few users), so the field is locked. Alternativly, we can hide it. The security field is locked, because we got now the button "Protect as security issue", I think we can hide it, can't we?

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Going to https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/maniphest/task/edit/127637/ with my private account (no special rights), only the "Security" field is locked. "Visible To" and "Editable By" isn't displayed anymore.

Having one useless field doesn't feel like "cluttered" hence closing this task as something between resolved and declined.

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Can we hide the security field again? It makes no sense to display it, I mean you can see the value, if you don't edit the task. Currently it makes only the form bigger, with no useful advantages.

Feel free to edit the task summary accordingly.

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I do not see a "Security" dropdown field anymore. If you can still see one, please reopen with a URL to reproduce.