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Can't log in multilingual wikisource
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Hi, While I am logged with SUL in several wikis (enwiki, commons, frwikisource, etc.), I can't log in multilingual wikisource (oldwikisource ).

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I can't reproduce this, I'm logged in instantly.

A regression for T124620, maybe?

Yann, you can't use the login page on wikisource or can't use the autologin (log in at some other wiki, go to wikisource, be logged in magically)? If the first, what error do you get?

The logs have a bunch of the Key "CentralAuthSource" changed warnings but nothing else interesting for the username "Yann".

Can reproduce, with an account that has pre-Jan-26 cookies (that was when the fix for T124620 was deployed) but not with a fresh one. You can get around this by deleting cookies (or logging out and back). So this is probably fallout from the old bug (same cookie set with different value for and

Given that cookies last 30 days, this bug will go away by the end of the week. Wontfix?

Of course no guarantees I am reproducing the same bug. Yann, can you check that you have duplicate cookies?

I got logged in automatically next day. No idea why.

Not reproducible as per last comment, hence declining.