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Implement readily available language switcher tap target
Closed, DuplicatePublic


As a bilingual user, I want the language switcher button readily available, so that I don't have to scroll so much just to find the button to change languages.

Acceptance criteria

  • Implement treatment of button and its placement, with sufficiently large tap target, as arrived at in T119658: [Design] Language button on footer.
  • It works in ResourceLoader impaired and <noscript> UAs.
  • It is possible to run this version in an A/B fashion.
  • When in force sampled in Schema:MobileWebLanguageSwitcher logging should result in the button's tap having a languageButtonVersion distinct from the existing 'bottom-of-article' value.
  • It has unit tests.
  • It has ATDD tests.
  • It works on localhost.
  • it works on the beta cluster in both beta mode (100%) and by default (10%).
  • it is deployed at 100% in beta on the prod cluster.