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EPIC: Prepare for Oliver's departure
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@Ironholds is leaving in about 3 weeks, so we should mine his brain for 5 years of knowledge and document whatever we can. I've been taking notes as I come across various tasks, so this would be a good time to consolidate those into, say, meta:Discovery/Analysis?

We should also work on a JD and bring the onboarding page up to date.

Also should consolidate some functionality in Ironholds/olivr to wikimedia-research/wmf, as well as remove any deprecated or invalid code.

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@Deskana: btw I updated the JD so please be sure to submit the current version to HR. It used to require R or Python, but seeing as all of our analytics codebase is in R, Oliver and I decided to make proficiency in R a requirement, and move Python into the Pluses section.

@mpopov Thanks! I'll double-check with you before I submit to Recruiting. That's not going to happen until next week at the earliest.

Best of luck at your next job and all your future endeavors, @Ironholds!

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Thanks for all your work, @Ironholds. :-)