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Add links to from top 10 wikis
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Once has multilingual support, add links to it from the page info page of other major Wikipedias (similar to what exists on English Wikipedia). See the bottom of I believe this is currently done with local MediaWiki messages.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Ask all top 10 wikis if it's OK to add a link (if they don't already have one)
  • All of the top 10 wikis have links to from their page info pages (if they're OK with that) or another prominent location such as the page footer.

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Note i18n implementation might affect how the links are constructed. I think either way we'll add a &lang=en-US option, but by default hopefully the application itself will go by JavaScript's navigator.language to determine which language to use, which is the language the user's computer is set to.

The interface page is located at MediaWiki:Pageinfo-footer. I believe this is the same for all WMF wikis.

Many wikis also add pageviews links to MediaWiki:Histlegend, which appears at the top of revision history pages. We should aim to keep this updated as well.

@kaldari -- I made a ticket for Johan to talk to the communities: T130682: Talk to top ten language WP communities about linking to new Pageviews Analysis from Pageinfo

In the top 10 WPs, the only ones with links to Pageviews are English and German. (Japanese has a link to stats.grok).

Should we use Johan's card for talking to people, and this card for actually making the changes?

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@Johan: This task is complete now, correct?