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Mark as patrolled link doesn't show up when using Next diff/Previous diff
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Steps to reproduce: (requires you to be sysop)

  1. Find two consecutive non-patrolled edits (you can also make them yourself by logging out first)
  2. Click on the diff link for the first edit (in recentchanges).
  3. A [Mark as patrolled] link appears.
  4. Click Next diff->
  5. There is no [Mark as patrolled] link.
  6. Click <-Previous diff
  7. The [Mark as patrolled] link you saw in step 3 has disappeared.

More precisely, the problem here is that the rcid isn't passed when using the next/prev links. Wouldn't it be possible to just look up the revision ID in the recentchanges table rather than using the rcid? This would make [Mark as patrolled] links for diffs from the History or for combined diffs possible as well.

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: normal



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robchur wrote:

Fixed in r24607; now showing patrol links on all eligible diff pages, where appropriate.