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Give a useful message in the theoretically-temporary blank edit screen
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So one of the things done by SET code is that we take over action=edit... To avoid the client downloading all the page content twice along with other unnecessary things, the server side tries to figure out whether the client is expected to load VE or not. If VE will load, it prevents EditPage from running. Unfortunately this leaves us with a very empty page until VE loads (theoretically - due to bugs it has been known to break in the past and leave the user with the blank page). I think we should put some sort of 'VE should load soon... If not, click here to force wikitext mode and here to report a bug'-type message in there.

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"The editor will now load. If you still see this message after a few seconds, please _click here to re-load_."?

Change 273562 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alex Monk):
Give a useful message in the temporary blank edit screen

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Give a useful message in the temporary blank edit screen