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The Research Committee ceased formal activities a while ago. I'd like to ask that the mailing list be closed and the archives remain publicly accessible.

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Dzahn added a subscriber: Dzahn.

Hi @DarTar ,


The list is disabled ("emergency moderation" message when you login as admin) and archives are still at

Thankfully we have a script for this nowadays which makes it _way_ easier than this used to be.



@fermium:/usr/local/sbin# ./disable_list rcom-l

rcom-l disabled. Archives should be available at current location, all mail should be moderated and the list should not be on the listinfo page.

HI @Dzahn, reopening this because I keep getting notification from the moderation queue for rcom-l.

Hey @DarTar i just removed your email address from admin and moderator fields (and also Erik). That seemed to be the easiest solution to make sure you don't get spammed anymore. It should really stop now. Best regards, Daniel