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Remove excess quoting from Phabricator status fields
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Status fields are all double-quote-delimited in the database, which makes the SQL confusing:

WHERE status = '"open"'


  • Change loading to strip double quotes
  • change reporting code to not use double-quotes

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Records in the database no longer have extra double-quotes
  • Code looks like
WHERE status = 'open'
  • Everything still works

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JAufrecht set the point value for this task to 1.Mar 11 2016, 7:19 PM
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Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately I just fixed this bug last week and am waiting for test results before I close it.

Implemented on dev; waiting for full run before committing and regenerating on prod. I think everything on dev went fine except for Collaboration's report; need to check if that is related or not.

In place and working on production.