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Option to exclude users without edits in Special:Listusers
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Please add a new option to display users who have made contributions only in [[Special:Listusers]]. The largest wikis have hundreds of thousands of accounts and this will help to filter user accounts.

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Also have a button that links to a new &show_number_of_edits URL argument that will turn on showing how many edits each user has made, for us smaller wiki people.

Indeed, also have 'order by number of edits' and reverse ordering buttons.

Maybe there's other statistics one could have here too.

While you are at it, consider mentioning just how many users there are, even though it is already on Special:Statistics.

It could be cleverly placed here:
(first | last) View (previous 50) (next 50) (20 | 50 | 100 | 250 | 500)
well, my wiki only has 132, so don't scare users with 250 and 500, clickable or not. OK, only works if there are less than 500. Never mind. So just put it at the top of each page: This wiki has 8765 registered users.

I'm really only doing the original request