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Write a first draft of a Employee Operations Manual for Discovery Analysts
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The idea behind is to document all technical information, procedures, processes, and other knowledge that Discovery's Analysts should be aware of.

Ideally, the EOM should be thorough enough that if Discovery suddenly found itself without any analysts, the manual would provide sufficient guidance to a newly onboarded analyst.

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mpopov removed a project: Epic.

Fortunately, I have some experience with this :P

This is a bit of a large task with unclear acceptance criteria. If we're trying to get to the stage where a new analyst might never ask any questions, we'll never manage that! So where do we draw the line? We agreed that this is a potential concern, but not super pressing right now.

We decided that @mpopov would continue to work on this, and if he's finished by Thursday, then we just wouldn't worry about it. But we'll check in on Thursday to see if it needs further definition.

Deskana renamed this task from Write a Employee Operations Manual for Discovery Analysts to Write a first draft of a Employee Operations Manual for Discovery Analysts.Mar 1 2016, 9:13 PM

Done with first draft of and made some revisions to now waiting for review :)

@Ironholds: Please review? OH! Also: in the bullet point "Create a Wikitech account. Go to Preferences → OpenStack and include the public part of a newly-generated SSH key. Get Oliver to give you access to the relevant machines." Please explain :P

That is, explain to you what to do when I leave? You know the security/access groups? Add the new staffer to the groups for the shiny machines ;p

I dispute the idea there there are any circumstances where one-line conditionals are acceptable! *stamps foot*

I want to make sure I know where to give the new staffer access and which things to give them access to.

Well I've forgotten how to log into labs so I'll be no help there. @EBernhardson knows how this works and can describe it better than I.

umm, i don't know how to describe it. But if you just write "sign up to wikitech and ask ebernhardson to add you to discovery related projects" that will get the job done i think.

  1. We should note that you can install from gerrit with the GitHub mirrors
  2. I don't see much value in the expansive visualisation guidelines but that's probably just because I only use fivethirtynine!