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Make course passcode optional
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A passcode will only be a nuisance for short editathons. Let's provide a checkbox during course creation and in the details pane, disabling password protection. Longer-running groups might want to enable or disable this setting depending on stuff.

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This has also been highlighted by Education Collab members. Thanks for filing this!

Also noticed: "Trying to change password makes field disappear. Unable to change/customize password." Cannot replicate this problem so I did not file this bug.

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@awight: good first task tasks are self-contained, non-controversial issues with a clear approach and should be well-described with pointers to help the new contributor. Given the current short task description I'm removing the good first task tag. Please re-add the tag once the task description has been polished and provides sufficient information for a new contributor. Thanks!

Also this may not be easy at all if there is no obvious place for storing the "no passcode needed" flag (to quote from IRC).

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This is done, and @Maudite put some final polish onto it recently. Blanking the passcode should work smoothly now for any program on P&E Dashboard (and it's now also possible to set 'no passcode' as the default for a Campaign).