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Be smarter about numbers in file name which should be changed for progressive numbering
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When uploading pictures for ,
I had put "6 Nations" in the title for the first one, and asked UW to copy it to the other files and number them progressively.
Rather than generating "6 Nations 01", "6 Nations 02" though, it changed the title to "7 Nations", "8 Nations" etc. :D
Writing "6Nations" without the space didn't solve the issue. Not sure if there's an existing workaround or this can be handled more properly.

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Elitre created this task.Feb 28 2016, 6:28 PM
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UploadWizard only increments the last number present in the file name, that is not longer than 3 digits, appending one if there's none. So you could easily work around this by inputting "6 Nations 01" or "6 Nations 1" as your first file's name. I don't think we could implement any better logic for this (at least not without breaking somebody's workflow).

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Thanks for the explanation. It isn't a big deal for me, but I'll note that numbers are certainly found often in file names: I'm not seeing this documented in, and even then I don't think people will (or should) go and read tons of documentation before uploading to "try to get it right the first time" as this guide asks. Did I miss some kind of instruction in the Wizard? We could make the user "smarter" by providing this info somehow/somewhere in the interface.

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