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Change the summary on creating of new section
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Currently when somebody starts new section on talk page using "+" link, the summary equals to the written header. Therefore whoever wants to check it, must scroll on the talk page to such section or click on TOC to get there.

It would be more practical to have the summary in linked way (like using /* */ which produces "[[talkpage#topic|->]] topic") so user can directly go to the relevant section.

Suggesting the following form:

New topic: [[talkpage#topic|topic]]

where "New topic" should be new message eg. MediaWiki:Summarynewtopic or so.

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Severity: enhancement



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t.laqua wrote:

Unfixed in r25400 - Will revisit. Previous attempt to patch b0rked the URL on the followup page (where it shows you the comitted changes)

I don't know if summary (or rather new section header) preview is handled by the same part of code, so I rather remind it in case it isn't.

martinp23 wrote:

Something strange happens here:

I have a feeling that it is to do with the section header itself containing a wikilink, which is messing up the anchor link.

t.laqua wrote:

This problem is not related to this patch. This patch has not been deployed to WikiNews (or any other WM project at this point in time). Would reccommend creating a new bug report for this issue and re-closing this bug.

t.laqua wrote:

My bad, it's totally related. I didn't know that it was deployed to wikinews already.
I'll look in to it.

t.laqua wrote:

*** Bug 11200 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

t.laqua wrote:

Fixed unintended behavior in r25573.