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Document use of Owners in Phabricator and advertise it
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This was mentioned as one item in the Developer Summit session T114419 and hence is a subtask of T101686 and T119908.

From T114419:

[twentyafterfour] Obvious to me: Move to Phabricator. Phab has Owners tool. Call to action: Set up an owners package for stuff you care about.

Task: Document the Owners tool in Phabricator (or link to sufficient documentation) on and once done, advertise using it.
Owners allows assigning reviewers based on file ownership so reviewers get notified of patches in their areas of interest. (Limited equivalent in Gerrit).

Intention: This might help improving the situation described in

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I added a preamble to the package form which briefly describes how owners packages work:

Also, upstream has documentation here

One example use of the Owners application is catching commits that weren't reviewed in Differential pre-merge (aka "cowboy commits") thus bypassing both review and server side testing.

Here's an example caught by audit: rMSCAfce251eac0ab470b1847b0dd0e47221783aedae3

How? The package owners tool combined with herald rules allows commits "without associated differential revisions" to automatically trigger an audit by the right people.

@Aklapper: I've expanded it just a bit to mention audit and provide a link to the "create package" form. I think we are in pretty good shape now. The There is a brief overview on wiki and what I wrote for the form preamble, plus fairly good upstream docs.

Maybe I should write a phabricator blog post to raise awareness?

I've expanded it just a bit to mention audit and provide a link to the "create package" form.

I like! (Also linked those docs from mw:Gerrit/Code review now, to cross-pollute our CR docs.)

Should we mark this as resolved or should we make some attempt to further promote the use of owners?

I think we're done for now, honestly. Thanks Andre and Mukunda!