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Analyse anonymous article creation on id.wikipedia
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Aaron presents “Expanding the encyclopedia: trends in article creation on Wikipedia” at Wikimania 2014. At that presentation, he analysed the top-10 Wikipedia at the time. The presentation is very interesting since Indonesian Wikipedia is also like English Wikipedia: we have blocked anonymous article creation since December 2009. (local page, phab task)

Time passed, the admins of Indonesian Wikipedia have also changed to a “new” generation. There has been an idea to reinstate the anonymous article creation, but currently the side supporting the idea do not have strong evidence that shows anonymous article creation contribute much to Indonesian Wikipedia quality, maybe because we have a bias towards anonymous users, thinking they are more likely to vandalize the site compared to new users.

Therefore, I approached Aaron via email for help in analysing the article creation data on Indonesian Wikipedia, like what he did on your presentation on Wikimania 2014. He replied and suggested me to add this to a Phabricator task. He said that it's a great idea to extend that study, and since he is quite occupied during this period, he said he will get back on this.

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