Search in the link tool should let me select a page but keep typing (to change the link to another page with a longer name)
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How it works with Special:Search in the upper right-hand corner of MediaWiki (Vector) pages:

I want to go to the page [[Community Liaisons/Editing/Meetings with Product]]. I type Com... Ah, the team page is the first hit. Cursor down and select "Community Liaisons". Now type /Ed – right, "Editing". Down arrow and grab that. Now type /Me – got it. I'm now at [[Community Liaisons/Editing/Meetings with Product]], and I didn't even have to type 20% of the characters in the page title.

How it works in VisualEditor's link tool:

I want to make a link to [[Community Liaisons/Editing/Meetings with Product]]. Open the link tool and type Community Liaisons/Editing/M – all of it, with no typos – before I see the list focuses on the page that I want.

If you try the same bit-by-bit assembly of long titles, then it closes the inspector, so you can't extend the name easily.

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