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Disable StudiesWorld herald rules
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This user spams us with hundreds or thousands of subscription/cc actions via Herald:
The user has a grand total of 3 actions, retesting 2 bugs, and has not been seen for months:
The user produced a grand total of 16 lines on IRC by my count, including joins and gerritbot, on 2014-07-06, 2015-11-03, 2015-11-09, 2015-02-21.
I'm asking the user to disable the rule but I doubt I'll get an answer.

People are rightly puzzled:

#wikidata.log:2016-02-25 19.16 < multichill> andre: Who is Studiesworld and why does (s)he get subscribed to every bug?
#wikidata.log:2016-02-25 19.28 < andre
> multichill: ask Studiesworld
#wikidata.log:2016-02-25 19.28 < andre__> (Why do people ask me about User XYZ instead of asking user XYZ? Not the first time...)

In general, mass subscription by Herald is extremely disruptive: due to T78257: Notification page describes events with ignored sub-events, T107552: When I ignore subscription changes I'm not notified of being cc'ed, T624: Don't email users on cc changes by default, the user only has two choices, 1) being spammed to death, 2) not receiving some essential notifications.
If a legit use case exists for such mass subscription, such use case should be covered in a less disruptive way, e.g. by making wikibugs-l work again so that users can received and filter all the notifications they want without making other people's lives horrible.

Event Timeline

I apologize, I thought that I had disabled the Herald rule. I believe I have now disabled it if I hadn't already.

StudiesWorld claimed this task.

@Zppix is getting added to all new bugs. I am not sure if this is needed.

H158 Notify Zppix
Passed	Priority is not any of 100
Passed	Is newly created is true
Passed	Rule passed.

Zppix hasn't edited any wiki since June 26, and has not responded to my comment. I think we should just disable H158.

Gonna need database access. Tried to unlock it via the command line so I could disable it in the UI...

$ ./policy unlock H158
Unlocking: H158 Notify Zppix
View policy is not mutable.
Edit policy is not mutable.
Object has no mutable policies. Try unlocking parent/container object instead. For example, to gain access to a commit, unlock the repository it belongs to.