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Flow should respect uselang
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There is a bulleted list in the middle of the February 2016 newsletter for VisualEditor. This list includes MediaWiki messages. They automatically display in the language of the user's preferences (if the messages have been translated at yet). Compare, for example:

English (original):

This internationalization feature is not working in Flow.ątek:Sz4s81homyd3i5ss?uselang=en shows the messages in Polish.ątek:Sz4s81homyd3i5ss?uselang=ja shows the messages in Polish. Evenątek:Sz4s81homyd3i5ss?uselang=qqx shows the messages in Polish.

Flow should respect uselang and setlang for message contents.

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Ugh... I'm guessing this is because the wikitext uses {{int:}} and we then convert that to HTML using the language of whoever saved it. Another problem with HTML storage.

Correction -- looks like we use the content language for {{int:}}, see . That seems like the most sensible thing to do given the constraints of HTML storage.

Duplicate of T95204 (though that one is explicitly about error message) or not?