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Use Conpherence for project-admins requests
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Currently, requests for Phabricator Project-Admins are handled through a mixture of the project workboard (for new project proposals) and informal requests, submitted as comments on T706: Requests for addition to the #acl*Project-Admins group (in comments)

We have a policy that project creation should be logged in the comments of this task: T103700: LOG: Phabricator project creation.

All of this is fairly messy, not enforced, and not entirely intuitive.

I'm not aware of other things being tracked via comment threads but I suspect there might be others that I've missed. This seems like it might be better handled through discussion threads in Conpherence, or eventually we could switch to using Nuance queues after that feature matures a bit more.

This task is just meant to solicit thoughts on the use of Conpherence to replace some of these informal comments-on-tasks workflows.

Opinions? Thoughts? Feedback welcome :)

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We could have people open a new task for each request to be added to #acl*Project-Admins. I think Conpherence should be fine for the log.

Note that we're discussing disabling Conpherence in T127640.