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Document editcontentmodel
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For T85847: Grant editcontentmodel right to all logged in users please update/add any needed onwiki documentation, e.g.

From a glance around, it looks like there are some details in the comments at T72592: Implement a user interface to change a page's content model when $wgContentHandlerUseDB = true;

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Change 274347 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
Add help link for Special:ChangeContentModel

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Add help link for Special:ChangeContentModel

I substantially filled out in a manner to be more-or-less accessible to a non-technical audience. (Inevitably there will be some technical speak but I think it should not be written like a technical manual.)

In my opinion the contents of are orthogonal to this task but I think it is reasonably up to date in describing the ContentHandler-related functionality.

I also think looks fine to me. It would be wonderful if we had a step-by-step guide to using ContentHandler in a extension but unfortunately that's out of my depth.

Good stuff, Harej. :)
I made a few formatting tweaks, and I think that is now ready to be marked for translation, and then this task basically resolved.

Would it be helpful to add some notes in another column at to explain why certain content models might be used? (Specifically text, which I don't understand the existence of, or if we use it anywhere on Wikimedia sites?)

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