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Archiving nomination notices send a ping
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Due to the fact that now the same bot send nomination notices and does the archiving, users are notified when the nomination notice is archived.

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roughly 3 options that can be quick:

  • Don't let the bot sign the nomination message
  • Change the bot signature to something non-standard so it doesn't trigger a ping.
  • Have the nomination messages done by a different bot account.

The first two will also stop the pings done when the nomination message is placed first, which is a choice.

I also asked the question on #wikimedia-tech if a bot edit with bot-flag is supposed to trigger a ping.

Possible solution: On-wiki blacklist per . That will block all Echo notifications triggered by the bot, but I think you'll still see the orange bar (since the bot posts nominations on user talk).

Per irc-discussion the blacklist will also block the mails to the user about a message on it's talkpage, which is probably unwanted for the nomination notifications.

Using a bot flag (edit bot=1) or not is a way to (not) trigger orange bars, does that work the same way for echo notifications?

  • Edit without bot flag: I want to see an orange bar and get an echo notification if I get mentioned
  • Edit with bot flag: I don't want to see an orange bar and I don't want to get an echo notification when I get mentioned

merged, as we should be talking about this in only one place

edit: I realize this shouldn't have been merged, my bad

This shouldn't happen, unless the process of archiving adds a new signature.