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Output API for dead links logging interface
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For the dead links logging interface, create an output API that shows:

  • the last time that a particular page was checked
  • the last article that a particular bot processed

This will help a bot that crashed or paused to pick up where it left off, and it'll help multiple bots running on the same wiki to avoid checking the same pages that another bot recently processed.

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DannyH set the point value for this task to 5.

Done. Covers 3 cases for now.

  1. Wiki and bot name given:
  2. Wiki and page ID given:
  3. Bot name given:

Code at:

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Also, this isn't related to the current code, but I noticed one other minor thing that should be fixed. You should make sure that $html is defined in index.php (before it is output).

Done. I also did some cleanup in index.php. The chart and table now autoload when the page first launches with a default query on enwiki.