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rack new mw log host - sinistra
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The new mw log host, sinistra, is arriving via procurement task T127092; this task cannot proceed until the system has been received on that procurement task. It was requested via hardware-requests T126988. Please setup the system with the following:

  • - rack in c5-codfw, the 5th rack in each row has had assorted supporting service machines, rows A and B are quite full so we need to start placing items in C and D.
  • - label with asset tag (via receiving on T127092
  • - add mgmt dns entries for both asset tag and hostname
  • - setup all bios and drac
  • - add dns entries for sinistra.codfw.wmnet (private row c vlan)
  • - update this task with the network port (and then ping @RobH or another op with netadmin rights to setup the switch port description/vlan/enable)
  • - update install_server module: raid1 with lvm and /srv use, jessie as the OS
  • - install OS - Jessie
  • - sign/accept puppet/salt keys
  • - service implementation

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RobH mentioned this in Unknown Object (Task).Mar 3 2016, 10:16 PM
RobH triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 3 2016, 10:20 PM

sinistra mgmt dns
port ge-5/0/4 rack c5

robh@asw-c-codfw# show | compare 
[edit interfaces interface-range vlan-private1-c-codfw]
     member ge-1/0/1 { ... }
+    member ge-5/0/4;
[edit interfaces]
+   ge-5/0/4 {
+       description sinistra;
+       enable;
+   }

committed and live, network switch config done.

Recipe had a problem so installation didn't complete. Fixing the recipe now.

I don't know who is responsible for the service implementation of this system. Please advance or just claim the ticket. The installation process is complete.


RobH added subscribers: ori, Papaul.

@RobH, I can take care of configuring this host; please assign to me once the server is racked / online / has a base install.

Assigning to Ori!

Change 286487 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn):
add sinistra.codfw to site.pp

Change 286487 merged by Dzahn:
add sinistra.codfw to site.pp

The raid issue is resolved, but service implementation still needs to occur.

That would have been interesting to get that, as we've a fluorine failure at T144389.

RobH closed subtask Unknown Object (Task) as Resolved.Oct 12 2016, 5:49 PM

Please note that sinistra has been reimaged as 'mwlog2001'. This matches the new mwlog1001 in eqiad, that is replacing fluorine.

Dzahn added subscribers: Krinkle, fgiunchedi, Dzahn.

@fgiunchedi given that you did fluorine as mwlog1001 wondering if you know if this ticket for mwlog2001 is also resolved (@Krinkle asked if it is). it looks like it is from looking at site.pp