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Timestamp support for categorymembers query
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Author: stephen.bain

Patch to implement enhancement

This patch adds support to the categorymembers/cm query for the cl_timestamp field in the categorylinks table (which roughly approximates when a page was added to a category). It allows retrieval of timestamp data for category members, and introduces an option to choose how to sort the query (two options corresponding to table indices: by sortkey, which is the current method, or by timestamp).

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Severity: enhancement




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Fixed in r23459, but without the sort option. I don't even know if we have an index to sort by timestamps, and frankly, I don't see why it would be of any use. All r23459 is add the cmprop=timestamp option.

stephen.bain wrote:

We do have an index to sort by timestamps, it's right there in tables.sql:

"KEY cl_timestamp (cl_to,cl_timestamp)"

Sort parameter added in r25474. The revision in comment #1 should of course be r25459, not r23459 (late night, made the 23/25 typo on another bug also).