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WikiNotes - Killing procrastination
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Compilation of notes from universities and schools classes given by teachers or students to encourage learning and practice at home.
It is noteworthy that many have sought notes on our most interesting topics and of course there encyclopedias and information but fall short because we want something more like notes from teachers.
WikiNotes allow us to have at our disposal all the knowledge at hand and thus kill the procrastination.

How it works?
A difference of wiki-webs which has content and its history and its summarize,..., a WikiNote have a complete necessary content of the topic showed dynamically.

What means dynamic content?
It means that the content should be not just text, it should include videos, images, colors... All like seeing a class board.

Why use dynamic content?
Because the student not just want to read content, he want to memorize it and domain it in order to solve problems which would find at live.

What about coincidence topics?
A topic should have a couple of notes which has being organized by its rate.

How a WikiNote would be rated?
Students should rate the note marking a number of starts at the fields which should extends how much it help them and how the content has been shown

What if somebody want to 'improve' some content?
Like working with a repository, people could make their contributions and the owner could accept it.

What about the illegal or untrusted content?
A WikiNote should be accepted by a moderator in order to be public, so the author need to make the corresponding request. And if he edit the note or accept a contribution, it need to submit again to another part of request topics.
Taking a count of the illegally of develop some content, users should has the corresponding permission to.
But as is known there could be a illegal publication, to prevent it happens(that those make a lot request of spamming content), users should be also approved by a moderator(or a algorithm) which determine the reality of a user profile.

What if a WikiNote has various authors?
Those could be linked by the way of the main author determine it's contribution.

What about college rights of content?
Agreements with universities willing to publish are made and it would guarantee the rank and the trustworthy of a user too.

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How would this feature be different from normal wiki pages, with regards to its technical implementation in the MediaWiki software?

Hi @ShAdrianSh, thanks for taking the time to report this!
Unfortunately this report lacks some information. If you have time, please add a more complete description to this report by elaborating what this task is about. Thanks.

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Niharika why you remove project?
This project is for Google summer of code.

@ShAdrianSh Only those projects are moved to Google-Summer-of-Code (2016) board which have assigned mentors and community consensus. This project, as it stands right now, has neither. Please work on improving the description of the project.

  • What problem will this project solve?
  • A description of the technical implementation
  • How is this different from existing Wiki projects?
  • Who are the target users?
  • Links to community support discussions for this project. (For example on village pumps or mailing lists)

Also please do not keep adding back projects when someone removes them. Instead, ask them about it.

Sumit added a subscriber: Sumit.Mar 8 2016, 5:13 PM

Considering the use case of students and a university setting, there's already ongoing work at Wikipedia education program and the related extension Education Program.
We even have a featured project right now to improve it -

ShAdrianSh closed this task as Declined.Mar 8 2016, 5:41 PM

I'm sorry there is currently a featured project already on going

Compilation of notes from universities and schools classes given by teachers or students

Already exists:
You can find some requests related to Wikiversity in .
The parent project, Wikibooks, also has a couple "easy" reports open: