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Build a git repository with all the wheels required to deploy ORES
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Should be a separate git repository, on gerrit, that contains all the wheels required to run ORES. See for instructions on building these.

Note that they should be built on a machine with similar config to the final resting place, and hence should be a clean jessie labs box. We've set up ores-compute-01.eqiad.wmflabs specifically to be a "production-like" env. for this use.


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A note: some wheel should be ignored because the wheel maker put them in parent dependency. For example: if we have wheel for revscoring, while trying to install revscoring it returns error:

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These should definitely not be ignored - that's why there's another task to use pip freeze, which defines requirements.txt to be *fully* specified - just a list, not a tree.

Change 276310 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ladsgroup):
Add wheels

@yuvipanda You're right. I found a way to bypass this issue and it's working greatly, the only thing here is that I couldn't make these wheels working without their non-python dependencies installed. Is it an expected behavior? Or am I building these wheels in incorrectly?