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Document SLU (Service Level Understanding ) process
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Starting point:

  • Flesh out SOP enough that somebody else could do it
  • Include links to template documents
  • Make template schedule of meetings
  • Research Blake/Mouton approach mentioned/summarized in Schein
  • Consider modifying SLU method to incorporate Blake/Mouton

Event Timeline

Additional thought: at what point in the process would we want to include higher-level managers (i.e., that both teams report to). Some options:

  1. early, during initial doc writing
  2. at point where teams meet
  3. never in person, but they look at the written materials
  4. only if the teams decide to escalate a problem to them
  5. never


Could we decide when to include higher-level managers on a case by case basis?


I reviewed the comments to add to assigning back to you.