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Diffusion blob viewer may not work as expected
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The page links to however this shows:

Ref "01f476f7bda68aa2d3718be14fa642c2cb26c251" does not exist in this repository.

That statement is a lie. It seems the browse feature doesn't support SHA1 pointers in the url segment (only branch names, such as "master", not 01f476f7bda68aa2d3718be14fa642c2cb26c251 or HEAD).

But, it is capable of viewing blobs from a specific point in history, just via a different url syntax:;c35cfd92f7e3

Not sure why, and it involves including a strange "master" in the url as well. Not sure if this is result of a configuration issue or if it is supposed to work like that. If it is, we should update urls and templates and such that currently assume the former url structure (which presumably worked in previous versions of Phabricator Diffusion).

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Hi the link has to look like;01f476f7bda68aa2d3718be14fa642c2cb26c251 and we now import open changes so it should work now as long as the looks like the above.

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@Paladox: this looks like an issue with [[mw:Template:Git file]], did you help edit that with T108864?

@greg yes I help with that task. I'm going to have a look at the template now but a quick look shows it uses a module to convert repos names into callsigns. I'm not sure if it would require a bigger update or it will be a quick update but the module is now deprecated since it is all handled on phabricator side now.

As the template currently does not work which I'm fixing in it would require changes to how the user uses the template.

Adding gitblit deprecate, just to track this funky template issue.

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@greg I'm not sure if I can close this as resolved could you review the link and if you think that fixes what is described here please could you close this as resolved please.

greg assigned this task to Paladox.

I believe this is fixed, yep. Thanks!