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Several strings for translation need better documentation
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Hi everyone, several strings for translation need better documentation (are not understandable to our volunteers):

  • Wikimedia:Wikiedudashboard-articles.views added - Added %{count} new views for %{title}

Also, it's a bit unclear what "Assignment" in terms of the nomenclature used in the Dashboard is. There are related terms like Assignee, Assignment End, ... - Is Assignment the course, or some specific part of it?

The Dashboard also uses terms like "Program", "Project", "Milestones", ... I guess we'll need some documentation in order to explain everyone what these mean. I am happy to help with the writing of the documentation but someone would have to explain me first... :-) Volunteers?

Not sure how much these terms might still change in light of future changes in the Dashboard.

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That 'articles.views_added' is a maintenance message; it just goes into the log files on the server, but no users would see that. (It's there to indicate progress during the update process, when page view data is being imported.)

You're right about the confusing use of "Assignment". In the Wiki Ed dashboard, we use the following terms:

  • Assignment and Assignee - these refer to a specific article that a specific user is going to work on. So if I am a student and I add the article 'Molecular biology' to work on, then that article is an Assignment and I am the Assignee.
  • Assignment Start and Assignment End - these refer to the start and end dates of the course timeline. For the non-Wiki Ed version of the dashboard, I think we are switching to use "Timeline start" and "Timeline end" instead.

"Program" and "Project", I just noticed, are being used interchangeably in the non-Wiki Ed strings. They both mean the same as 'Course': a single organized editing project (such as an education program course, or a single edit-a-thon) that has a specific timeframe and set of participants.

"Milestone" is a type of timeline content that can be used to mark significant points in the timeline of a project. For Wiki Ed courses, we use milestones to track the (expected) date when things like "all students have created accounts" or "all students have completed training" are expected to happen for a course. The list of milestones (and which ones have already passed) gets highlighted on the overview page of a course/program. For example:

Thanks very much for clarification. I improved the translatewiki documentation according to your explanations.

I guess when we go from a Student-only Dashboard towards a Programs/Events Dashboard, we might start using different terms other than "assignees" - maybe "participants"? @FloorKoudijs Is there a page dedicated to discussing the future nomenclature of the P/E Dashboard?

@Vojtech.dostal I'm not aware that there currently is one Phab task associated with choice of words for parts of the Dashboard, so that they are no longer education-only, but programs-wide. @Abit Are you aware of a place where a list of to-be-replaced education-focused verbiage lives? Thanks Vojtech for asking about this!