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Wikibugs links sometimes to the creation event, not to the mentioned comment
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For example from -operations:

19:13 < wikibugs> Gerrit-Migration, Documentation: Update Code Review related documentation on wiki pages from Gerrit to Differential -
       (Aklapper) Makes a lot of sense. I clarified the task description and will keep this separate
                for the time being.

or from -labs

17:42 < wikibugs> Labs, Horizon: Horizon - Can't execute actions - (Krenair) Does it show now, @Luke081515?

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptMar 8 2016, 5:47 PM

I guess the screenscraping finally broke?

does it really use screenscraping?

FYI: I want to build a unified conduit api so that you wouldn't have to screenscrape anything, and hopefully it won't even be necessary to make multiple api calls to get all the needed data.

See T123417: Create conduit method to query the feed and return records with relevant details populated instead of just a bunch of phids

Another example which is not linking to the creation event

[10:08:43] wikibugs> MediaWiki-User-login-and-signup, MediaWiki-extensions-CentralAuth, Wikimedia-General-or-Unknown, Patch-For-Review, WMF-deploy-2016-07-12_(1.28.0-wmf.10): Could not find local user data for {Username}@{wiki} - (Catrope) >>! In T119736#2451220,...