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wikibugs linking to wrong action in IRC
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23:37 <  wikibugs> Differential, Phabricator: "Fix" or "Fixes Txxxxxx" in commit message closes tasks automatically - 
          (mmodell) We can customize which words trigger the autoclose 
                   behavior but we cannot change the general syntax.  So we could make it so that "fix Txxx" doesn...
23:41 <    greg-g> is it just me, or do wikibug's links to phab actually link the task creation action instead of the last action 
                   (which is being announced in IRC)?
23:41 <   James_F> greg-g: It's not just you.
23:41 <   James_F> E.g. that last one should have been
23:41 <    greg-g> right