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Setup a supported HTTP Ingress solution for Kubernetes
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Currently we have integrated k8s http ingress with our own service labels on top of tools proxy (see kube2proxy in the toollabs module in the puppet repo). However, since then, there is a blessed upstream solution for this:

There is a haproxy solution that seems to have some steam (, and people are working on a nginx solution as well. We should either adopt one of those, or shore up something ourselves. VulcanD is something to look at for this as well.

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We could also totally decide to not do this for the goal - this is probably a fair chunk of work - and just use our current setup (which will work just as well) for this goal instead. We'll have to do this anyway though, at some point.

chasemp triaged this task as Medium priority.Apr 4 2016, 2:02 PM