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Semantic template updates should be propagated to pages
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Author: eep

If I declare a relationship in a template (used by Semantic Forms), the relationship link appears on the page the template is used
in, but clicking the Special:SearchByRelation/Relation:Value link yields no results unlike if I explicitly declare the relationship
on the page.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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This problem is caused by update behaviour of MediaWiki and SMW. When a template is changed semantically, all affected pages need to be reprocessed by SMW. Once this has happened, e.g. by editing them or by running the maintenance script SMW_refreshData.php, all is well again.

It would be good to have this happenning automatically based on MW's job queue. I modify this bug report accordingly.

The new SMW release will use MediaWikijobs for that. The functionality is already available in SVN.