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Create method of versioning the portal page
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As a Product Manager of the Portal team, we'd like to know - at any time - what version of the portal page is in production.

There are a few different ways to put in a version that anyone can "see" the current version of the page by doing a 'view source' to view a commented line in the code...or by adding in a URL extension (IE: that would return a page that would list the relevant version information.

At a minimum, I'd like to have this for the version information:

  1. Date and time of last production deployment
  2. Method of determining what the current version of the page is
  3. Anything else that we think is necessary. :)

*As a side note - if we want to do the same thing in beta ( that'd be awesome too!

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debt triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 10 2016, 12:55 AM
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This could be as easy as a hidden comment (viewable only by view page source) that has the last date updated listed. However, it'd be great if during a deployment, there could be an update like this to the page done automagically. :)

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This has been resolved for now: will show, with accompanying links, what Gerritt commit version the portal is on, along with a link to the master listing of Portal check-in's:

Here's a sample from this morning:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.12.33 AM.png (408×734 px, 75 KB)

Thanks, @Jdrewniak !