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Decommission es2005-es2010
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Codfw external storage servers es2001-es2010 are already removed from MediaWiki configuration (db-codfw.php), see T127330.

  • es2005-es2009 are still replicating from the local master, until they will finish the space in few days, just in case
  • es2010 has hardware issues, see T127769
  • I've already scheduled downtime until 2016-12-31 and disable notification for all of them on Icinga to avoid unnecessary pages

Before proceeding please get final confirmation from the DBA team.

Event Timeline

Mentioned in SAL [2016-04-09T11:05:36Z] <volans> Disabling tendril on es2005-es2010 (out of prod hosts) to avoid flooding logs of tendril DB - T129452

fgiunchedi triaged this task as Medium priority.Apr 27 2016, 3:07 PM
jcrespo renamed this task from Decommission es2001-es2010 to Decommission es2005-es2010.Sep 23 2016, 8:55 AM
jcrespo closed this task as a duplicate of T134755: Decommission es2005-es2010.