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Internal API error for translation save API
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When I analysed the errors for past weeks for cxsave API from eventlogging, I got some 12 occurances of this error:

{"servedby":"mw1116","error":{"code":"internal_api_error_DBQueryError","info":"[4326b26f] Database query error"},"errorCode":"internal_api_error_DBQueryError"}

The sourceLanguage sourceTitle targetLanguage information for these translations are given below

en	Michael Maloney	he
fr	Ousmane Dembélé	es
en	List of prizes known as the Nobel of a field	ar
en	APEX Airlines	my
en	Hong Kong International Airport	my
en	Attalid dynasty	sq
en	List of A Song of Ice and Fire characters	pt
en	Zach Sobiech	it
en	Delrina	es
ru	Кофе	ba
en	Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje	ar
en	Euler's laws of motion	ca

Minimum timestamp is 20160303230233 - so I infer that they are side effect March 3rd deployment where we deployed the storage migration of CX.

Event Timeline

santhosh added a project: LE-CX8-Sprint break.
santhosh added a subscriber: Nikerabbit.

Except 3 items, all of the above articles are successfully published in target wiki using CX

From logstash:

INSERT  INTO `cx_corpora` (cxc_translation_id,cxc_section_id,cxc_origin,cxc_sequence_id,cxc_timestamp,cxc_content)
VALUES ('125397','mwKw','Apertium','242','20160307111802','[removed]');

Function: ContentTranslation\TranslationStorageManager::create
Error: 1062 Duplicate entry '125397-Apertium-mwKw-20160307111802' for key 'cx_corpora_unique' (

Likely a race condition on creation (time of check vs. time of insertion). Unlikely to cause any significant data loss.

Change 277485 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nikerabbit):
Reduce duplicate key errors on inserts

Change 277485 merged by jenkins-bot:
Reduce duplicate key errors on inserts